The Yellow Balloon - Yellow Balloon (1967) / by Joel Goodman

The Yellow Balloon was a prefabricated sunshine pop band put together in 1967 by producer and songwriter Gary Zekley. This band is perhaps most famous for employing the drumming capabilities of Don Grady, better known for starring alongside Fred McMurray in My Three Sons. Determined to make it as a musician on his own merits, Grady went by aliases and donned wigs and dark glasses in an attempt to conceal his identity.

Perhaps the added notoriety could would’ve been a good thing, because The Yellow Balloon released just one record in their short life, an insanely catchy self-titled LP that quickly went out of print but was reissued by Sundazed in 1996. It looks like the vinyl isn’t offered anymore, but if you’re keen on CDs they still have ‘em. Otherwise, you can buy digital.

Interesting note: according to Wikipedia, Daryl Dragon from Captain and Tennille (and brother of Surf Punk Dennis Dragon) was also in this band at some point, presumably playing keys.